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Taking action to improve employee wellbeing

Working closely with our clients our assessment results help detail what actions are needed to either adjust or to further understand the root cause of low wellbeing.

When it comes to taking action to improve wellbeing and business results Health of Business can support in one of three ways.


Take action in-house

Some organisations just need the facts and reports to be able to act – typically we find these have a high headcount with specific business units set up to organise trainings and facilitate workshops throughout the business. Here, Health of Business can support before and after to help ensure the correct metrics are being addressed and to offer external counsel on how to measure progress.



With an experienced team Health of Business can support and be central to the process. Here we work with your leadership teams to align on areas to focus and to determine the best strategy to uncover sustainable solutions that will benefit the wellbeing and achieve the desired business outcomes. If workshops are needed, Health of Business will lead in facilitating these throughout your business and oversee the implementation of solutions. Metrics and visual management boards can also be established to track progress throughout the project and to ensure that a sustainable change has been embedded.



Health of Business has forged many relationships with wellbeing industry experts, from mental health first aid training to workplace culture consultants through to leadership story telling. Health of Business provide the introductions enabling your leadership team the ability to select those partners who you feel best fit with your organisation. It is also often the case that Health of Business can obtain preferential rates from our collaborators which we pass through to our clients, further increasing the value we are able to offer.


If you are a potential collaborator and would like to find out more, please do make contact through our ‘Join our team’ page.

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