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Wellbeing Assessment

Who can we help?

Do you work within a fast-paced HR department? Are you a people manager with a vision of better wellbeing across your organisation? Or are you in charge of Health and Wellbeing and looking for new and innovative ways of managing and measuring your plans? Whatever your role, if employees are the main focus, we have the tools to help you.

The Health of Business Wellbeing Assessment - what is it?

Our extensive assessment helps you understand how your employees are thinking and feeling. It enables us to give you insights into areas you could focus on to help your organisation thrive. Building on over 50 years of scientific research our evidence-based assessment provides insights into your employee wellbeing. Our custom survey offers 100% guaranteed anonymity to create a safe environment for your employees to give authentic responses to help you identify and prioritise what is important and valued by your employees.

How long does it take?

Our 80 question, comprehensive assessment takes employees approximately 15 minutes to complete. We allow employees two weeks to complete the assessment and a further two weeks for data collection, analysis and full review to be compiled. Our aim is to complete the process start to finish within the working month.

What do Health of Business specifically focus on?

Our focus is to create a detailed document to include Cultural, Strategic, Structural and Individuals scores. Areas of focus include:


To provide additional insights, we recommend a range of demographic questions to be included in the survey, which can be tailored according to your requirements.

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