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Top tips when taking our Wellbeing Assessment

Our wellbeing assessment takes around 15 minutes to complete, whilst our CARE survey and Trust survey take less than 2 minutes.


Unlike many other assessments you can have peace of mind knowing that all responses are completely anonymous – this is to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the data is of the highest standard. Also, you can be assured that when compiling executive summaries, we have an additional step to ensure departments with low numbers of employees are not identified, ensuring our commitment to anonymity is upheld.

Here are some tips to consider before you start.

  1. Allocate plenty of time to complete the survey – for the wellbeing survey, block 30 minutes in your diary to allow you time to complete the assessment in one sitting.

  2. Do not over think the question – once you understand what is being asked, answer swiftly and move to the next question. Our assessment is designed to ask similar questions from slightly different angles. Our algorithm then utilises data analytics to extract relevant, consistent answers.

  3. Remember if your organisation is unable to hear and understand what is really happening, the subsequent actions will not reflect what you want changed. Answering as honestly as possible is key.

  4. Your employer may wish to ‘temperature check’ progress throughout the year either on the entire data set or specific portions – so if you are asked to retake the survey, please do take the time again so that we can provide continuous data.


To take the survey:

  • Request a login to the Health of Business site using your work or business email address.

  • This will be verified to ensure your organisation has subscribed to the service and a confirmation email will be issued. (Please note to activate your account you must verify your email address).

  • The relevant services that you've been subscribed to will automatically be assigned to your user profile. 

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