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Health of Business CARE Survey

Health of Business is built on a foundation of honesty and integrity. Since the launch of our revolutionary Wellbeing Assessment we have received great feedback on the comfort employees have in knowing all information and data collected by Health of Business is completely anonymous. It was during discussions with clients that Health of Business was asked to increase our service offering to enable our clients to understand the number of people in their organisation have previously diagnosed conditions. Some of these maybe classified as Neurodiversity whilst others are non-physical disabilities. 

What is the CARE Survey?

CARE stands for Confidential & Anonymously Reporting for Employees. It is important to note that this tool is not a diagnosis tool but a reporting mechanism. Our survey asks respondents to confirm if they have been diagnosed with any neurodiversity or non-physical disabilities. All answers are provided anonymously.

Health of Business then aggregates all the data and offers a report to the organisation.


Why do our clients love this?

It enables their organisations to develop training programs and awareness campaigns around the need of their employees. It also gives your teams an opportunity to up skill or inform themselves on a topic relevant to the company. If you are lucky enough to have a workforce that doesn't report high anxiety levels, you may decide to prioritise other awareness and training programs above this, for example.

It was from these discussions that the Health of Business team went away and developed our 'CARE' Survey.

Have you already ordered your CARE survey and would like to request the report? Simply email or complete our contact form and we will arrange for this to be issued.

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