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What does a Discovery Session include?

How can we be of assistance? Would you like a complimentary session to see if there is a potential fit between us? Let us help you whether you’re at the start of your employee wellbeing journey or looking to ensure your current initiatives are having the desired effect.

Wellbeing Discover Session

How does it work?

Let's invest some time into understanding what you are trying to achieve, how employee wellbeing can affect organisational performance, and whether we may be able to help. You may be at the initial stages of designing your Wellbeing Strategy or possibly looking to ‘temperature check’ your current strategy. Whichever part of the journey you’re at, we can be of assistance.

Who is involved?

Our team will work with you to identify the outcomes you're looking to achieve and create a strategy for understanding and improving employee wellbeing in your organisation. By understanding your business objectives we can ensure the correct metrics and measures are in place to aid in supporting better wellbeing across your organisation. This will also include connecting you to our selected, quality collaborators to give further assistance dependent on the needs of your business and employees.

What is in it for you?

We will help you identify areas within your business where changes, even slight ones, can help improve the wellbeing of your staff. The goal is to see an overall improvement in both employee wellbeing and business results. We can aid in retainment of key talent, provide resources and tools for management to support staff retention and keep quality staff within your organisation. After collaborating with household brands Hello Fresh and Pure Gym can signpost you to a quality rewards programme for your employees to continue to support their wellbeing  outside of the workplace.

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