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Understanding our approach to workplace wellbeing

We’ve done the hard work for you and built upon the last 50 years of scientific literature on wellbeing in the workplace to create the definitive employee wellbeing assessment. Our advanced evidence-based assessment allows for industry benchmarking and insights into your employees overall wellbeing at work.

Whether you’re at the starting point of creating your employee wellbeing strategy or looking to ensure your current plans are meeting your employee needs, we are here to help with our simple four-step process.


  1. Discovery Session

  2. Wellbeing Survey

  3. The Report

  4. Actions


Our wellbeing assessment and report guarantees:

  • Complete anonymity for all employees

  • Confidential reporting

  • Executive summary to help build your wellbeing strategy

  • Comprehensive insights into all 17 factors assessed

  • Ability to benchmark against industry standards

  • Ability to identify areas within your organisational structure that, if improved, would increase employee wellbeing

  • Tools, resources and recommendations to work with our network of collaborators to meet the needs of your employees


Why choose us?

Our proven algorithm enables detailed insights of your business from culture, your strategy, your structure and how it is perceived from a wellbeing perspective from your employees.


Our wellbeing assessment enables us to pinpoint where your business is performing well and where improvements are needed within your organisation, highlighting which elements to prioritise based on what is most important to your employees. Using a wide range of tools and resources we can support your efforts to build a consistent approach to wellbeing across your organisation that will help you deliver your desired business results.


We also have a wealth of knowledge and experience available should you need external consultation including organisational psychologists and business process consultants to facilitate Gemba walks, training, and process maps to identify the root cause of unnecessary stress in the workplace.

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