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Meet the Health of Business team

Meet our team of experts who devised the unique Health of Business Wellbeing Survey and tools with the vision to create mentally fit workplaces for all. Our expert team of individuals are always on hand to help and support you in your mission to enhance wellbeing at work.

Richard Amey, Health of Business

Richard Amey

Co-Founder & Head of Operations


A founding member of Health of Business, Richard loves getting to the root cause of business problems and putting in place potential solutions to make visible and measurable improvements in what matters to a business.

Aileen Farrell, Health of Business

Aileen Farrell

Co-Founder & Head of Organisational Psychology

Passionate about helping businesses improve productivity by enabling their workforce appropriately. It was her experience managing people that created a passion for organisational and individual wellbeing. 

Adam Deakin, Health of Business

Adam Deakin

Co-Founder & Head of Strategy

Adam's background combines 15 years commercial leadership experience with Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Prince 2 project management. His vision is to proactively support wellbeing in the workplace to minimise the number of people ever needing to seek support for poor mental health.

Becky Richards, Health of Business

Becky Richards

Marketing Manager


Becky is a passionate marketeer with a wealth of experience in the media industry. She is a health and fitness enthusiast with a keen interest in improving mental wellbeing within workplaces by designing, helpful creative tools and resources for businesses.

Natalie Farran, Health of Business

Natalie Farran

Business Development Manager


Natalie has spent 30+ years working hard to make people happy! Working in various industries, with an initial grounding in Banking and Finance, Natalie’s senior posts managing and training teams, made Natalie realise the importance of a happy work environment.

Su Turner, Health of Business

Su Turner

Business Development Manager

Su has held various roles for over 20 years in the learning and development space. Her work in early childhood development right through to adult education means she truly understands importance of wellbeing across many environments.


Su has a keen interest in looking at businesses from new and differing perspectives. She enjoys assessing their current situation and supporting them to develop programs that will result in a trained workforce who are inspired, productive and fully engaged with their company.

Divine Ogar Okafor, Health of Business

Divine Ogar Okafor

Sales Coordinator


Divine is a Biomedical Science graduate who has a passion in science and improving people's lifestyle. He has completed previous work experience in a housing support agency and is keen to work in the healthcare sector so he might make positive impact worldwide in the working environment.

Hayley Pashley, Health of Business

Hayley Pashley

Business Development Manager

Hayley has worked in various industries with a specific focus on Accounting & Finance, her main drive is to allow employees a voice at work. Having managed teams from the age of 19, Hayley’s focus is to create a better work life for employees equating to happier staff.

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