Avoid a Nightmare Before Christmas!

We’ve all been there. Ever sat at your desk looking through the list of Christmas deadlines thinking ‘how am I going to get all this done’? This is on top of presents, turkey, and all the general arrangements! Have no fear, you won’t be the first and you certainly won’t be the last to feel the Christmas stress. Granted we can’t change the date or postpone Christmas, but how can we start to feel a little more in control?

Get organised

Plan the tasks at hand more effectively, whether that be meeting deadlines at work or Christmas shopping. Organise yourself and have a clear plan on what needs completing. Working to new deadlines, along with an increase in team members taking annual leave, have a massive impact on workloads during the festive period. Understanding the tasks in hand, the deadlines you’re working too and who is available is essential to getting work is complete.


Prioritising tasks in your work and personal life over Christmas will help you to feel more control. Make a list and rank them from highest and lowest priority. Whether that’s shopping for Christmas gifts or ensuring important projects are complete before the end of the year, having your time mapped out is a great self-management tool.


Although the Christmas period is renowned for being busy and full of hustle and bustle, don’t forget to take time for you. Staying mindful over Christmas by focusing on the present and taking each day as it comes can help lower our stress levels. Practicing mindfulness can help us feel more optimistic by focusing on the present, and worrying less about the future. Continue to do the things that help you unwind and rest when possible, nobody wants to experience Christmas burnout!

The Takeaway…

Christmas will never change, it will always be a busy time full of changes in work and personal schedules. However if we have change our mindset, understand the tas