Can Remote Working Have a Positive Impact on Communication?

It’s understandable that after going through multiple lockdowns, the thought of remote working may trigger fear of loneliness or isolation for some employees. However, for others remote working has become the new way of life and has fostered a better work life balance. My question today is can remote working have a positive impact on the way in which we communicate with our teams?

Keeping an open door policy when working remotely

When it comes to remote working, are we ‘changing’ the way we work or ‘adapting’? The word ‘change’ can create a fear of the unknown, however when we ‘adapt’ we simply make suitable adjustments in how we do things.

Now more than ever people are feeling the need to be heard. Keeping an open-door policy with colleagues may seem tricky when remote working, but it is absolutely doable! Ensure your colleagues/employees are able to make time to talk to one another, as well as with their managers. Create specific times for ‘general check in’s’ with employees, whether the conversation is work other wise related. This can only serve to improve and foster relationships between people, and promote organisational commitment.

Encourage a team meeting without a work focus

It is probably one of the most missed features of working in the office, having constant company and being able to talk with colleagues. Forbes report that up to a quarter of all employees, who have begun remote working since the pandemic, feel lonely and isolated. Although teams are physically separated when working from home, why not encourage a virtual meeting where the focus isn’t work related. Allow colleagues to take time to connect with each other as they would if they were in their office environments. Communicating, empathising and relating to our peers are