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Does Employee Appreciation Increase Job Satisfaction?

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Employee appreciation has been shown to increase job satisfaction and boost morale. Harvard Business Review note that when people experience gratitude from their manager they’re more productive, and that employees generally perform tasks better when they believe that colleagues respect and appreciate them. So, how can you promote a culture of appreciation within your team?

Don’t assume they know! Sometimes we underestimate how much employees need to hear positive feedback! Harvard Business review talked about ‘the illusion of transparency’, our tendency to assume that our emotions are visible and organically understood by employees, however, this is not always the case. By regularly touching base with employees, giving balanced feedback (which includes praise), and outlining opportunities for growth, leaders can increase the level of value felt by their teams.

Develop trust by offering control and flexibility

Another way of showing your appreciation is by letting your teams know you trust them. When individuals feel trusted to map their own way of working, they associate it with trust and appreciation. By giving your teams the flexibility to manage their own agenda, they will likely see it as a positive endorsement of their behaviours to date and feel appreciated as a direct result.

Make appreciation part of the culture

You don’t need to necessarily wait for a specific opportunity to present itself. If employees are exhibiting positive behaviours on a continuous basis, reinforce this as often as possible, and make it the norm. For example, if the team are finishing for the weekend after a particularly difficult and fast paced week, why not hold a quick group call to thank them for their efforts? Articulating that you recognise the volume of work completed while maintaining good standards will most likely be met with positive emotions and drive organisational commitment.

The Takeaway…

Showing employee appreciation can have a hugely positive impact on overall job satisfaction. Regularly communicating with staff, offering praise when necessary but also offering the ability to manage the way they fulfil their roles can greatly increase job satisfaction. Satisfied staff drive results! For more information on rewards and recognition for businesses, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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