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How Can Employers Nurture Employees Mental Health?

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Wellbeing has been the topic on everybody’s lips from the onset of the covid pandemic. With more people than ever practicing mindfulness techniques, making changes to mitigate the risk of burnout and even changing careers for a better work life balance. But is it really possible to continue to reach organisational goals whilst prioritising our staff? YES! Nurturing our employees mental and physical health is actually the key to driving better business results. But what can you do to help nurture your employees mental health?

Understand What Drives Your Employees?

Every member of staff will have a different approach to the way they work. They will also each have different thoughts and feelings towards how they tackle their working day. Understanding what drives your employees can greatly contribute to larger organisational goals and objectives. Scheduling regular interactions to gather thoughts and feedback can be invaluable to leaders seeking to better understand their employee’s reality around important topics such as workload, work life balance, overall job control.

Make Work Life Balance a Priority

Work pressure leading to burnout has massively increased over the last 18 months with many employees changing roles in a bid to secure a better work life balance. According to Forbes just over 30% of workers said they'd give up part of their pay for a better work-life balance, with many parents saying they would be willing to take a 5% pay cut. Other solutions included:

• Reducing number of days worked

• Breaking the 9-5 rigidity by allowing flexibility towards working hours

• Allowing allocated days for employees to work from home each week

Understanding employee needs by being flexible making adjustments can a long way towards supporting employee mental health, and retaining top talent!

Promote a Positive Workplace Culture

Taking steps to promote a positive culture at work is a wise move for several reasons. Not only does positivity breed positivity, but when employees begin to feel more positive towards their work, better business results are achieved. A positive workplace culture helps drive employee engagement and also allows you to retain the best people for the job! Remember, you have the potential to empower and drive your employees. A positive attitude from leaders goes a long way towards generating positive business outcomes. 😊

How Health of Business Can Help?

How Can Health of Business Help You? We take direct action to eliminate the sources of unnecessary stress within your organisation. Give your employees a voice to understand what motivates them and drives their wellbeing whilst uncovering current challenges within your organisation. We're offering organisations the opportunity to identify key areas of improvement to help employees. Does this sound like something you would like to adopt within your organisation? Contact us now at

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