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Is Success Defined By The Number of Hours You Work?

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

We’ve all been there, working alongside true workaholics who love to boast about the number of hours they’ve worked that week or how they’ve won yet another piece of business. But should this really be how we perceive how successful we are?

In some industries such as hospitality and car retail, you have to be present to really make a difference to your monthly income. Truth is success isn’t always about working a 40+ hour week or getting to pay day and seeing all the money land in your account. What if we changed our outlook and started viewing our success by how happy we are in our jobs and how fulfilled we feel within our life? Now I’m not saying that work isn’t important but should our life balance really have work at the centre? 

Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Why not look at success not by the hours we spend slaving away at our desks but success in the form of a project that we’ve completed that we’re really proud about? Or collaboration with another team within the business that has generated new and innovative ideas that can really help make a difference to your organisation. These are the factors that really make a difference. not just to how successful you feel at work, but also to your overall job satisfaction and happiness with your work life. For more information on promoting a positive work-life balance within your company, or generally driving employee satisfaction, reach out to us today!

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