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Job Security – Who is Responsible?

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Employee job security

Ever felt anxious that your job may be on the line? Several factors can lead to feeling insecure regarding your job, whether that be financial strain on the company or your own performance at work. But, who is responsible for attaining job security within the workplace? Is it down to the employer or the employee?


Communication is an essential driver in improving overall job security within an organisation. If the employee understands the overall business objectives and are part of the process of achieving those goals, job security and overall job satisfaction will increase. Understanding the company objectives and receiving regular feedback on how KPI’s feed into the overall mission are essential factors in feeling further secure at work.

Silent Factors

You may be a manager or have a manager who is slightly more introvert and finds regular praise to be embarrassing and that’s fine too! Leaning on employees for regular help on projects or input on day to day tasks is another element for staff to feel secure in their position. Feeling relied on and needed enhances assurance, leading back to the employee feeling valued.

Understand Your USP’s

Remember you have your own set of USP’s! Whatever your role within an organisation, making yourself an expert in a particular area will help you thrive and further develop. Becoming the company CRM expert, Social Media genius or the systems prodigy, feeling indispensable will aid in feeling secure at work. Every role within an organisation is integral, belief in your skillset will further attain the sense of security.

The Takeaway…

So who really is responsible for staff feeling secure within their role; employer or employee? Both! It is vital for managers to communicate with their staff to ensure that business needs are met through regular goal settings, input on projects and overall feedback. Not only will this feedback allow the individual to further develop, it will also highlight and allow them to play to their strengths! The more feedback and inclusion employees receive, the more they will drive results! For more information, or help on this topic, contact us at Health of Business -

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