Motivation at Work

Times are rapidly changing, and as a result many individuals report feeling less motivated at work these days. It is understandable that some employees feel like their work and home life have started to blur, but how can we ensure our staff stay motivated and keep their head in the game?

Set realistic goals for individuals

We work in a target driven era, however setting realistic goals with the individual at the start is key to keeping your people enthusiastic and motivated. When an individual feels a goal is not achievable, their overall attitude towards their role and responsibilities will decline. Setting SMART goals that are specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and have an appropriate time frame are essential. If possible, why not consider including your employee in the goal setting process? It can only be good to make them feel part of the process.

Reward greatness

Rewarding great work, when deserved, is a great way in keeping staff motivated when it comes to their work. If you have a member of staff going above and beyond to achieve, don’t let it go unnoticed. Even simple, small gestures like sending them an email detailing their achievements, and copying in senior management, can make them feel a real sense of accomplishment. Not only will this aid in keeping them motivated on the task in hand you can guarantee that their job satisfaction will also increase.

Ensure your employees know their worth

Not everyone in an organisation will have ‘the big title’ but that certainly doesn’t mean that they’re any less valuable to the business. Ensuring your employees understand their worth is an essential part of driving motivation. When individuals feel valued they also experience higher levels of job security, secure employees do their best work and can improve your overall reputation.

The Takeaway…

Whether it be an innovative idea, a new collaboration formed with a different team within the organisation, or a business win……. celebrate! Happy staff are the ones that drive positive business results. Recognise the wins, soak in all the positivity your employees have to offer to your organisation, soak it in and use it to keep them motivated.