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My Mind Has Too Many Tabs Open!

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

First day back after annual leave and the to do list is already pages long. Do we choose fight or flight? Or why not just be kind to yourself. When your computer is overloaded we turn it on and off again, when technology slows down we reboot. Why are we so hard on ourselves when it’s our mind that needs a break?

Employee mindfulness

Mind Full or Mindful?

At least three times during your workday, take a mindful pause. Turn away from your computer and devices, close your eyes, and for 1-2 minutes, focus your attention on your breathing. This simple technique can help you get ahead of thoughts and emotions before they overwhelm you. It helps you defuse any stress that may have been building up during the day.

Mindful Moment lunch plans?

How often do you work through lunch? We may think we’re more productive when we work through, but we do need mental breaks following spurts of intense cognitive focus. So why not take a REAL break — get outside for fresh air, meet with colleagues or a friend, or even enjoy some YOU time. It’s often in those mental breaks that insights and creative solutions come to us.

Mindfulness at work seems counter-intuitive!

But, by slowing down you can actually become more productive and reduce stress!

What happens when we don’t sleep? Does our productivity increase or decrease? Why would mindful breaks at work be any different? How about say yes to some rest! Rest increases your ability to be productive, enables a positive mental attitude and betters overall results from your working day.

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