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Requesting Annual Leave

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Out of office

Requesting annual leave can be daunting for some employees. I’m sure at some point we’ve all been there, working alongside a complete workaholic who is too afraid to ask the boss for a long weekend, the occasional week off, or a last minute break that’s just popped up that you would enjoy. Here we share our top tips for requesting time away from work.

Be familiar with policies

It is important to be familiar with the company's policies around annual leave. Some organisations require a notice period before you jet away so understanding what is required as an employee is essential. Dictating annual leave, for example office closure over the Christmas period or companies working alongside their customers needs, is also something that must be considered upon booking any time away from work.

Be prepared

Remember you are an important cog within your organisation and when you’re away your workload will either need to be covered or distributed amongst other employees. Planning as best you can before taking a break will allow you time to discuss what is required from other members of staff who may be picking up work in your absence and give time to discuss with important stakeholders if necessary.

Be fair

Quite often parents will want time off during school holidays or even those without children may want to have time with their families over the Christmas period. Discussing with other employees how best to manage annual leave before approaching your manager can be beneficial. By doing this you can obtain an understanding of who will be covering the different tasks and ensure there aren’t any holiday clashes.

The Takeaway…

Most importantly don’t leave all annual leave until the last few months of the year. Taking regular breaks from work is essential in forming a healthy work-life balance and aids in physical and mental wellbeing.

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