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The way eye think

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

When I was growing up I always remember people saying you can tell if someone is lying if they look in a certain direction when they are speaking to you. Alongside my childhood understanding I realised that professionally building a relationship and truly understanding what a colleague or client was thinking is much easier when dealing with someone face to face. But why should this be?

During a deep dive into the subject at a Neuro Linguistic Programming training meeting I learnt about eye pattern analysis. Firstly, my childhood understanding was incorrect – it is important when applying this method to not mind read – there is no way you can actually know what someone is thinking but you can understand when they are constructing something for example. This doesn’t mean they are lying but that they are searching for the words to use.

Why is this important? The biggest eye opener to me was when someone looking at you has their eyes drop to their bottom right (your left) – this is when they are accessing their feelings. This insight allows you to realise when someone’s response is based on something that they have a strong feelings or emotions around.

Below are all six elements of eye pattern analysis – give it a try tonight when watching TV – where are the people looking…

Eye Pattern Analysis

(as you someone looks at you)

Vc = Visual Constructed Vr = Visual Remembered Ac = Auditory Constructed Ar = Auditory Remembered K = Kinesthetic (Feelings) Ad = Auditory Digital (Self-talk)

Eye pattern analysis

HoB - NLP - The way eye think
Download PDF • 88KB

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