Why Health of Business was Formed – Our Co-Founders Account:

Updated: Apr 7

What no one could have predicted was that things were going to get so much harder. The global pandemic would impact every person I knew. This made me realise that we should offer more to our friends and colleagues. I saw that many companies were already starting to offer a external counselling to employees, but I simply thought to myself, 'that's too late in the process'.

Seeing people reaching out so late in the day, despite probably feeling so unwell for extended periods, seemed so wrong to me! This spurred me on. I began looking into the idea of applying safety checks, using business tools, to minimise the need for late stage counselling.

Many businesses believe it is not their place to really intervene, that somehow, mental health this isn’t their problem. Other organisations talk about mental health, but as we all

know words and real action are two very different things. If you feel

your organisation is somehow immune to this, or you feel that you have other

commercial priorities, just stop for one moment. What would you

do tomorrow if an entire team was not available to come into work? This

is the magnitude of this ‘problem’.

Take a minute to think about what my 5-minute talk means to your organisation (from m