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Welcome to Health of Business Plus. This is where we share resources that you may find useful for improving the wellbeing of your business. You can access our upcoming podcasts and videos, as well as see the books and articles we're reading, companies that we admire in the wellbeing space and hopefully get some useful insights into wellbeing actions that you can take today to improve organisational, team and individual wellbeing.

Working From Home


Managing Remotely

The changes in demands for managers within a Hybrid workplace. Is managing a team remotely the same as managing a team in the office?


Workplace Culture

A staggering 30% of people said that their workplace culture makes them irritable at home. Whilst there are calls for managers to drive the culture, 60% of people that completed the survey stated that they moved jobs because of their manager.

Team Meeting
Thinking Man


Future Focus

People love to think ahead and take themselves away from the current stress of life.


Mindful Minute

People love to think back to a time when they had space to do the fun things that they struggle to make time for today.

Beach Meditation


Top Tips - Overwhelm

Be kind to yourself... when your computer is overloaded we switch it off and on... when technology slows down we reboot... 

Stressed Man



And breath…

Take a moment to sit back and feel your feet on the ground.