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Workplace wellbeing resources

Welcome to the Health of Business Wellbeing resources.


This section is where we share resources that you may find useful for improving the wellbeing of your business. All our resources on this page are free to download.  We hope you get some useful insights into wellbeing actions that you can take today to improve organisational, team and individual wellbeing.

Health of Business Managing Remotely, Hybrid and Flexible Working

Hybrid & Flexible Working 

Health of Business Further Reading

Further Reading

Health of Business Building Blocks to Success

Building a Wellbeing Strategy

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Health of Business Support Networks

Ask for help

Workplace Structure & Culture

Workplace Culture

Health of Business Paid Resources

Enhanced Resources

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Short Videos

Additional resources coming soon...

Scientific Research

Scientific Research

Wellbeing Statistics


Departmental Network

Improving Interdepartmental Trust

Social Support

Social Support

Enhace Reources

There are many other tools that we use to facilitate workshops with our clients, these range from workbooks, facilitator guides and enhanced business models to help identify the root causes of unnecessary stress in the workplace. These resources are available through our additional subscription service, which is available to any client that is already utilising the Health of Business assessment and reporting tools. If you are an existing client and wish to learn more about this enhanced service or if you are interested in hearing more about becoming a client, please do not hesitate to contact us at One of our team will then make contact to arrange a call or meeting to discuss further.

Health of Business Paid Resources
Health of Business Paid Resources

Request Access to Enhanced Resources 

Enhanced Resources Login

If there is something that you would find useful please do let us know by emailing and we will look to develop it for you – as a thank you for the engagement we will ensure it is emailed to you in advance of it going live on our website and being available for everyone else. We would also be happy to present the information remotely or in person if this would help solidify the topic within your organisation.


If you are a subject matter expert in any area linked with wellbeing in the workplace, we would love to hear from you – we are open to co-developing resources both in the written form but also podcasts and webinars. Please contact us via the ‘Join our team’ page.

I have a wellbeing idea

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