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Your workplace wellbeing results

Wellbeing Executive Summary
Detailed overview of burnout

The data and the facts for your organisation providing you an in-depth analysis and wellbeing insights into how your staff feel, what they think, and how this affects their approach to their work. Our detailed review provides a breakdown of results into areas affecting the strategy, culture, and structure of your company along with recommendations, tools, and resources.

What will we receive? 

You will receive insights that help you to understand the status of wellbeing within your business. It will highlight those areas that, if improved, could transform your business performance, along with the tools and resources to help your business thrive. Your data will be thoroughly analysed by a Health of Business professional and benchmarked against the industry standard and further enhanced with recommendations and resources for each area of focus to help support both employers and employees.  In addition, we have an extensive array of collaborators that we are proud to champion for any secondary needs to help further develop wellbeing within your organisation. 


The Reporting

Our reporting depends on the needs of your organisation, offering options for an Executive Summary or Deep Dive Insights. Why do we do this? If this is your first time looking into wellbeing within your organisation, we recommend Deep Dive Insights to fully allow you and your team to delve into the results and receive key tools and resources for growth in all areas of focus within the wellbeing assessment. The executive summary is a high-level overview of the status of wellbeing in the organisation and is commonly used to determine if an in-depth assessment is needed, or to track progress on defined areas of improvement.

The next steps...

The assessment has been completed and we have provided you with the analysis, you may be wondering what happens next? Every organisation is unique. The results will be specific to your business. At this point you may choose to continue the process with us, letting us help shape and develop your wellbeing strategy, possibly working with one of more of our collaborators specifically selected to support you and your business. But it does not end there. We encourage our clients to regularly ‘temperature check’ and review their wellbeing strategy and are here to provide the ongoing support our clients require.

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