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Health of Business Trust Survey

Why is Organisational Trust important?

It is widely acknowledged that trust is crucial to organisational success. Many studies have demonstrated that companies who harness reputations for being great places to work also report increased financial gain. HBR recently reported that compared with people at low-trust companies, people at high-trust companies report: 74% less stress, 106% more energy at work, 50% higher productivity, 13% fewer sick days, 76% more engagement, 29% more satisfaction with their lives and 40% less burnout.

​What is the Trust Survey?

When completing our Wellbeing Assessment, a huge majority of our clients were very interested in the TRUST aspect of our offering. As a result, we have expanded our service, and now offer more detailed insights into levels of Trust within a company.

As with all Health of Business surveys, data collected is anonymous, with aggregated scores presented back to organisations. The data offers our clients an opportunity to make changes in areas of the business which will improve employee wellbeing. Simple steps can be taken to do this, such as encouraging transparency or empowering teams, but identifying and understanding where to focus your resources is important. We can help you do this!


Have you already ordered your Trust survey and would like to request the report? Simply email or complete our contact form and we will arrange for this to be issued.

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