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How Health of Business was formed

by Adam - Co-founder, Health of Business

Our Story

After suffering with mental health challenges and accessing mental health support I set out on a quest with our co-founders who are experts in business processes and organisational psychology to see if there is a way to support employees proactively around their wellbeing rather than wait with a safety net to help them when they fall. This helped set our vision and mission.


After 12 months of development, we now have a service that can support businesses identify the root causes of low wellbeing in the workplace and a resource centre to help businesses take steps towards improving their employee wellbeing and business results. From conversations with existing and potential clients, it gives me great motivation knowing that we can help, support and grow businesses and their employees through wellbeing.


Health of Business set out with a single vision – to create mentally fit workplaces for all. This doesn’t mean no stress, as a certain level of stress is needed. If an elastic band is stretched for prolonged periods of time it will snap – people are no different. We spent months and months going through over 40 scientific papers and created an evidence-based assessment, which is the first of its kind that measured wellbeing and pinpoints where in the organisation attention or focus is needed to improve the wellbeing of your employees and business performance.


The question is, how do we achieve mentally fit workplaces for all?


It starts with assessing and measuring the current situation. As with any diagnosis – testing is the first essential step to decide on the interventions to put in place to limit the impact of lower wellbeing on your employees. Without an understanding of the current situation this isn’t possible. We have an evidence-based assessment that is the first of its kind to not only measure but give insights into specific areas of an organisation that needs improving.


Once the baseline wellbeing is understood, you can start to put changes in place that will improve your workplace and your business results. The steps our clients take are completely at their discretion – if they have suitably trained people within their organisation Health of Business will offer tools and advice on the steps to take. If they do not have the resource and bandwidth to run such initiatives Health of Business has both the resource and a network of specialist collaborators to support.


The time is already here where people research the culture and additional benefits that companies offer – businesses will need to demonstrate that they listen to and support the wellbeing of their employees.


Health of Business enables companies to do this through our comprehensive assessment that provides insights into the root causes of lower wellbeing in the workplace and an action plan to demonstrate how they are working to improve it.

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